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Eating out in Canterbury

The food at Papas

The chips are made from fresh potatoes carefully hand picked for their
taste and quality from our local farms. The oil that we use is of the
highest standard and low in cholesterol, therefore the chips are
healthy and low in fat which makes them taste great as is often
remarked upon by our regular customers.

    grilled fish at Papas The Deep Blueantony ingatiou with fresh fish
  • 0% cholesterol in the grilled fish
  • n-3 (omega-3) cardio protective fatty acids in the fish which are essential to our health. According to government surveys the majority of the population ignore them and choose to go for diary products high in saturated fats and salts.
  • calcium and iron from the fresh fish
  • vitamins A,D and E from the fish oil
  • vitamins A,B,C,D and E from the mixed vegetable salads

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